In 2013, growing up in Fairfield, California, Brandon was heavily influenced by skate culture and chose to pursue a life of design.

Throughout Brandon’s life he has collaborated with his best-friend, Kahlil, to create and innovate things like making a skatepark in his backyard from a broken bed frame to escape boredom. Due to his military parents moving often, Brandon moved from place to place while Kahlil stayed in California. Brandon used art and design as a way to channel his self expression. In highschool, Brandon and Kahlil reunited in San Antonio, TX after both his and Kahlil’s dad took on the same job at a company to bring them back together. Brandon started attempting to create tee shirts inspired by y2k bay area culture, however saw no one outside of his immediate friends and family purchasing items. Brandon set design and clothing aside for a few years to pursue college soccer.

In 2021, Brandon and Kahlil realized with Brandon graduating college and having money it would be perfect to start back up the dream of seeing people wear Brandon’s art in public.

Boredom Kills was created as a passion project to showcase the owners love for the fashion community. Boredom Kills is more than a brand, it is growing as a community. Brandon wants Boredom Kills to be a focal point in the youth to understand what pursuing your passions can bring to you.


Shortly after, in late 2021, Boredom Kills was created based on the two friends' first initials Brandon and Kahlil, paying homage to the two’s efforts to constantly escape boredom in their childhood by doing anything and everything outside of the box. 

Boredom Kills has now been seen on TheShaderoom, and many celebrity figureheads spanning from professional sports like the NBA and TV/Music artists.

This is just the beginning, stay tuned for the rest of our journey to make Boredom Kills a household name.